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Video @InvasionDay Thousands of people attend Invasion Day protest in Brisbane

Video @InvasionDay Thousands of people attend Invasion Day protest in Brisbane – As thousands of people lined up across the country to protest Annex Day and gathered in Canberra to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy again, a day of mourning was celebrated in Melbourne in a similar fashion to most events in the capital Victoria. the last two years: via live streaming.@InvasionDay

Organizers of Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin Invasion Day events canceled this massive annual event immediately due to the high number of Omicron Covid problems within Aboriginal communities.

The dawn service, a ritual that began with more than a hundred people at the Kings Domain Rest Area in 2019, is held online starting at 5:30 a.m.

Every year the cries for Annexation Day grew louder. Every year we give a nickname to our death list
More than 3,000 people viewed the Victorian Naidoc Facebook page. The ceremony featured words from past services from Wurundjeri elder Bibi Joy Murphy and Victorian Greens senator Lidia Thorpe, a Gunnai, Gunditjmara and Djab Wurrung women, who also held a small mourning ceremony for First Nations women on the steps of the state parliament. Victoria against Monday night.

Video @InvasionDay Thousands of people attend Invasion Day protest in Brisbane

After that Uncle Jack Charles read out a list of massacres that were running in Victoria from 1834 to 1850. A web of massacres is available throughout Victoria: Homicide Stacks, Chimneys, Murder Gully, Battle Hills, River Aire, Snowy River, Mount Eccles, Mt. Napier , and still abounds again.

The total death toll, stemming from the massacre recorded in Victoria, is 1,186. Research by the University of Newcastle has identified 311 massacre websites in Australia, dating from 1788 to 1930. The full death toll from border violence is unknown.

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Thorpe said the need to protect vulnerable members of the population stemming from Covid was critical for people “grieving in their homes”.

“This is a day where we come together and mourn together … as a community, as family and allies,” he told Guardian Australia. “The strength you feel when you are surrounded by people standing in solidarity today is a feeling of hope… not having that presence and activism out there on this day is difficult. It is very difficult. I just wanted to thank all of the Blak family at home today who are feeling the pain, loss and trauma of what happened today.”

While Charles was reading the list, the television crew began to gather at the statue of Captain James Cook in St Kilda, which had been doused with red paint overnight.

A brief time frame later, in Sydney, Wiradjuri lady and Sydney City councilor Yvonne Weldon tended to the WugulOra Morning Ceremony at Barangaroo.

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“What occurred was massacre, irreversible injury,” she said. “Harms, in our waterholes as well as others had in their grasp, that later became put in our own. The injury and the presentations of better approaches for living hasn’t been solid for all … as the world’s most established living society … in spite of these injuries and changes in our approach to everyday life, we are still here, as yet rehearsing, still comprehensive .”

Weldon said it was essential to recollect and recognize the slaughters and the “mercilessness and obtuse treatment to my kin”.

“Not out of a culpability, however to right the wrongs of the past, not to keep on being in our present,” she said. “On the off chance that we don’t, we won’t ever really make a sweeping future.”

Later in Sydney, a great many individuals walked down George Street towards Victoria Park conveying signs calling for equity for Aboriginal individuals killed in authority.



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