(Update) The recording video of the Highland Park Parade went viral on social media via the Twitter link!

(Update) The recording video of the Highland Park Parade went viral on social media via the Twitter link!. On Monday, July 4, 2022, a horrific video surfaced on the internet, causing goosebumps and raising concerns for the safety of civilians. In two months, the number of shooting incidents has increased and shockingly, young people are involved in such serious crimes and mostly target innocent civilians. These shootings usually take place in places where a large crowd is easy to find, and the motives of these shootings are not easy for even the police to determine. On the one hand, the government is concerned about people’s safety and on the other hand, things are increasing. The latest shooting took place on Monday, July 4, 2022, and the video of the shooting is being recorded and is currently circulating on the internet, showing the pain of those who suffered from this crime.

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The recording video of the Highland Park Parade went viral

Highland Park Parade Shooting Video

Ever since the video surfaced online, people have been looking for more details about the case. Scroll down to learn more about the recorded video. The video shows the moment of gunfire in Highland Park during the Independence Day parade. The video was first uploaded to Tiktok and showed parade-goers looking at the location where the sounds of bullets were heard. Video captured the horrific moment from Monday’s gunfire, when a suspect was seen firing on the route of the crowded parade, killing at least about 6-7 people and injuring about 36 people in the fatal shot.

Rapid fire shots in Highland Park video

Another video shared on social media shows that there was clearly a lot of gunfire, then there was a pause and more shots were exchanged. Some videos record about 40-50 shots. Several viewers reported believing the fire from the ball was fireworks or part of the float during the July 4 parade before realizing it had actually happened. Larry Bloom, who was on site when the shooting started, said: “They said ‘pop, pop, pop’ and me and everyone in attendance at the parade thought the shooting was part of the show, but then it just opened . I screamed and other people introduced to the parade started screaming.

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Who is the suspect?

They all panicked and tried to save their lives by running here and there. The voice of the bullet can be heard clearly and we really didn’t understand what to do except run here and there.” 4th parade in town. After 8 hours of shooting, the police managed to arrest a 22-year-old suspect arrest and detain this case. The suspect was a longtime resident of Highland Park. Keep in touch with us for more updates.

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