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(Update) Link Video Miss Alabama Zoe Bethel Crash Accident – Link Video Miss Alabama Zoe Bethel Crash Accident. Title in all its entirety Zozo Bethel from Right Side Broadcasting Network. Bethel is an ambassador model to Turning Point USA and Liberty University’s Falkirk Center as well as an official reporter for the organization.

Bethel may be a former model who was let go by the company who contracted her following the presidency of President Trump was able to intervene on her behalf.

Zoe was motivated by the experience to be a mannequin for tasks and advocate for the freedom of expression and self-expression.

She serves as an inspirational source for American young people and uses her current state of circumstances to remind them that freedom of speech is an essential American right that is protected in the Constitution.

Link Video Miss Alabama Zoe Bethel Crash Accident

Miss Alabama Zoe Bethel Accident and Injury Update

Video Miss Alabama Zoe Bethel Crash Accident

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On February 10, in 2022, Miss Alabam Zoe Bethel died after being victimized in a tragic accident. Bethel’s family mourned her loss by uploading a picture to the account on Instagram account. 

Miss Alabama was involved in an accident Thursday evening , causing serious injury to her brain stem, and her brain is now in condition of coma.

The injury has brought great stress for the family as medical professionals have confirmed that the injuries will not be repaired and thus is not repairable. Furthermore, Zoe’s medical specialists have said that she’ll not be able to continue her treatment for long.

The reason for the accident as well as the exact place where it happened are not yet known by the family members at the moment.

The campaign to raise money for Zoe was organized by her family and friends. Anyone looking to show their support may donate via gofundme.

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What Illness Does Zoe Bethel Have Now?

Zoe Bethel has suffered a brain/brainstem injury because of the incident, and tragically, Miss Alabama is currently in a in a coma.

Zoe’s family revealed the news to her followers, admirers as well as the general public in an Instagram post that was posted via Zoe’s personal account.

In the article’s description, the family said, “We are praying for God’s will to be done, regardless of what that may look like.” The post was later removed.

Additionally, the family asked everyone to “please respect the privacy of our family during this time,” in the statement. Be sure to keep praying for Zoe and all of her loved ones!”

Zoe Bethel on Instagram

Zoe Bethel is on the market on Instagram under the username @zosobe. She is available to be hired. The private Instagram profile has greater than 18.4 thousand followers, as per her.

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It’s not advisable to be busy right now as she’s recovering from a devastating accident in the hospital. Zoe used to share many videos and videos of herself online prior to the tragic incident.

Bethel is an Christian that is faithful adherent of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the interview she gave to The Conservateur, Zoe stated that “God’s word has helped realign my understanding of the world and God’s intentions for this world.”

Her words continued to conclude, “We will face difficulties in this life, but our Father will always guide us in the correct direction.” The beliefs, values and perspectives you hold when you follow Christ reflect Jesus Christ.”


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