Student Accommodation in Germany

Student Accommodation in Germany – Student Accommodation in Germany. If you want to study in Germany, one thing to consider beforehand is that finding student accommodation in Germany requires planning from the start. Unlike the UK, Australia and America, German universities do not help students find accommodation. Some student unions offer help with finding accommodation, but if the student union at your university doesn’t offer that option, don’t worry. Follow this guide…

Student Residences

Usually the rent for one room is around €240 per month.

More than 40% of international students live in student residences – due to the relatively low cost and good environment. Many alumni form close friendships with the friends they lived with in the first year. Rental costs can vary depending on the size of the accommodation, the quality and completeness of the furniture and facilities provided.

If possible, you can contact the Student slot gacor Union of the university you are applying to: or DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), which provide services for finding student accommodation. Keep in mind, register as early as possible.

Shared Accommodation

The rental fee for shared accommodation is around €280 per month.

More than 30% of students choose this type of accommodation, especially if they have a close group of friends they can live with. Usually this type of accommodation is in the form of flats. One flatmate can be international or domestic students. Apart from room rental fees, there are also other costs such as electricity, internet, water etc.

But these costs are shared with friends in the same flat. To find shared accommodation, you can look for information from local newspapers, university bulletin boards and the internet, because usually many property owners advertise rooms that can be rented.

Private accommodation

Rental fee range: €300-€500

If you prefer to live alone, then this option may be more suitable, although it will be more expensive in terms of price. You can search for these accommodations from local newspapers or the internet.

The most important thing is to be careful when signing a contract – study beforehand what is provided. Usually when renting an apartment, the tenant does not provide the furniture!

Things that need to be considered:

  • Rent demand and costs are higher in West German cities than in the East
  • The highest demand is at the start of the winter semester. If you have trouble finding accommodation, most universities offer assistance, but usually they only find simple and short-term accommodation.

Tips for finding accommodation in Germany:

  • Plan ahead – especially if you’re signing up for the winter semester
  • Lots of searching for information. Accommodation in Germany can be expensive, so check all the sites you can find.
  • When signing the accommodation contract, read the contract carefully, and check what facilities are available and not available.
  • You need to pay monthly fees such as electricity, internet in addition to rent. So it is necessary to allocate more funds for this.