Rocket Chicken Franchise Business – Rocket Chicken Franchise Business. To become a Rocket Chicken Franchise Partner, you can refer to the following review. Benefits and reasons for becoming a member How to join as a member You could say fried chicken is a food that everyone likes. Rocket Chicken is one of the successful chicken processed food establishments today. Originally opened in Semarang because it felt like there was no local fried slot gacor chicken there, Rocket Chicken has now exploded to 760 restaurants and 9,000 employees. For more details, you can check out the inspiring story of Rocket Chicken founder Pak Nurul Atik below.

Rocket Chicken Franchise Advantages

Rocket Chicken Franchise Business

1. Practical

Because the system is a franchise, the modular owner doesn’t have to worry about product and production management. Because everything has been provided by the establishment owner. You just need to prepare the modular to become accomplice Rocket Chicken. From there, you can focus more on managing and promoting a managed restaurant, without having to think about raw materials.

2. Clear SOP

A clear SOP can also be a reason for equity owners to become Rocket Chicken partners. Plus, Rocket Chicken already has hundreds of restaurants. A clear SOP will provide benefits for partners. All SOPs will be provided, starting from SOPs for the manufacturing process, SOPs for measuring raw materials, SOPs for employees, SOPs for working hours and other SOPs. With a clear SOP, the running business will be more structured and it will be easier to make a profit.

3. Known to many people

Rocket Chicken, which started its business in 2010, has been operating for more than 10 years. Of course, this makes Rocket Chicken more widely known.

4. Varied menu

Rocket Chicken can last up to 10 years longer, not without reason. Even though the mandatory menu for Rocket Chicken is flour fried chicken. However, Rocket Chicken does not only focus on the menu, but innovates to offer other menus such as fried rice, steak, etc.

5. cheap

Rocket Chicken rejects the public opinion that eating delicious fried chicken must be expensive. Even for less than 15 thousand you can have a complete package of chicken with rice and drinks. The price is obviously very affordable and suitable for all walks of life. In addition, because the price is affordable, it is not uncommon for people to use Rocket Chicken as a menu for their celebration events such as social gathering, birthdays, etc.

6. Delicious

Besides being cheap and having a varied menu, the taste of Rocket Chicken can also be compared to other brands of fried chicken, which are relatively more expensive. Some of the tips above can be an important element in the success of a Rocket Chicken establishment business, and the management and location of the restaurant can also affect Rocket Chicken sales. So, if you are interested in becoming a Rocket Chicken member, you can contact the Rocket Chicken Association. But before that, don’t forget to learn how to manage company finances well too. The goal is to facilitate the growth of your business. You can use the BukuWarung financial ledger application to help you manage your business finances.

How to Join Rocket Chicken Franchise

Rocket Chicken Franchise Business

To become a Rocket Chicken partner, you can contact the following contacts.

Site :

Email : [email protected]

Phone : 0818 277 981

Address : Sidomoyo, Godean, Sleman Yogyakarta

This establishment business is also suitable for those of you who are looking for a retirement business opportunity, those of you who have a modular can apply to become a Rocket Chicken partner