Real Link Zach Wilson Mom Best Friend Picture & Zach Wilson Mom BSF

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Zach Wilson Mom Best Friend Picture

New York Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson found himself in the midst of a surprising rumor on Sunday after his ex -girlfriend accused him scandal with his mother’s best friend.

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Abbey Gile, who has divorced the rising jets star since January, has been accused of being “Homie Hopper” after recognizing that he is now in a relationship with a former friend of Wilson and BYU teammate Dax Milne.

In response, Gile claimed that Wilson was a real “Homie Hopper” because of his relationship with his mother’s girlfriend, according to Outkick.

After hearing the surprising accusation, NFL fans could not help but suddenly had a drama of reaction and laughter.

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Some fans may also not help but say that Zach Wilson plays for Byu Cougars and is a joke that is trending at NFL Twitterverse. Wilson seemed to move after his separation from Gil because it was only seen dating social media influencers Nicolette Dellanno. Both were seen watching the New York Yankees match together last month.

Even if Wilson could not finish the accusation of his ex -girlfriend sooner or later, fans could still expect him to talk about it and fix it. After all, he could be the center of ridicule when the season began in 2022. Not to mention that silence only made his condition worse. However, the internet must have a field day with the latest drama involving young jet.

NFL Fans React Zach Wilson Video

Real Link Zach Wilson Mom Best Friend Picture & Zach Wilson Mom BSF

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