Read Manhwa Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 20 English on Lezhin

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Bad Thinking Diary Manhwa Chapter 20 English

Read Manhwa Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 20 English on Lezhin

Min-Ji, Yu-na and their friendship are constant. Min-Ji’s wild dream started in Yu-na! Her relationship began to become more than her best friendship. Unrequited love, emotion and obsession. The “bad idea” grew on campus.

Minju and Yuna, friends, can fill their lives in their own way. They have been good friends since they were 17 years old. They are now 21 years old.

Their friendship becomes strained when one of them develops a love deeper than friendship.

However, they do not get an answer. One of them thinks it’s better to be a friend.

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Their relationship has grown even when they feel unnecessary. You want to know more?

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Read Manhwa Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 20 English on Lezhin
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