Leaked Video Original Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral Link Real

Leaked Video Original Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral Link Real

Gerbangindonesia.org – Leaked Video Original Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral Link Real. Additional details are coming some captured incidents that involve rapper when Rondo who claimed the life of his friend, Lul Pab.

Since then, the scene’s films have appeared exhibiting Savannah Frantic rapper talking to police officers who helped obtain their PAL medical consideration after being filmed. According to the reports, the capture occurred at an external gasoline station in Beverly Grove, California.

Based on the information of ABC, when Rondo and his crew stopped at the gas station in a Cadillac Escalade Negro to obtain gasoline. As they have been returning to the car to leave, a white sedan stopped with three men with all the blacks who opened fireplace in the rapper car breaking the windows of the house. The white sedan then detached, leaving at least one man of gunshot wounds. Police collected a series of caps on the scene.

Quando Rondo Video Viral

Leaked Video Original Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral Link Real

When Rondo and Firm put his friend injured inside the SUV and have been able to drive a few miles before stopping to name the paramedics. A video exhibits the rapper shaking before shouting in agony when the police helped his friend injured. The police carried out RCP to the injured man, who seemed to be respiratory rather than being urgently taken to the hospital, the place where he then died.

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Meanwhile, when Quando Rondo’s representatives say he was not injured inside the assault and is fine. However, he seemed shocked by his attempt.

In no way was the affiliate broke out once again it is not new to capture incidents. In the last final year, he also focused on a capture, while the exterior standing a gas station in Georgia. The youngest rapper seems to have a goal again of his connection with the exterior of the disappearance of King von a puppy room in Los Angeles. The 2 rappers have been worried in a fight before Von was shot to disappear, according to the reports, the affiliate of Queando, Lul Tim.

When Rondo has not publicly declared something since the capture of the final night, however, a girl who recognized herself when her aunt says that she is fine and that her home is currently asking for privacy. Preliminary studies advocate that the rapper was shot, however, his individuals also say that he was not hit by any bullet.

We have not been able to verify this story and, therefore, we cannot say with certainty that the individual mentioned above is dead. This is a development story.

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This publication cannot serve anyway as an obituary or death warning for the individual mentioned above.

This publication will be updated as soon as we have more information and proper authorization of the family to publish the cause of death.

A representative of Queando says that “when he was present during a shooting last night that resulted in the premature death or life of another young man.”
The representative continued “he did not suffer wounds during the shooting and is safe. We ask that his privacy be respected at this time.”
When Rondo was caught in the midst of a deadly shooting in full daylight in Los Angeles causing an astonishment of the rapper.

Video Shows Quando Rondo Screaming As Cops Helped Friend In LA Shooting

Leaked Video Original Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral Link Real

The videos that circulate online show how clearly annoying while he talks to a police officer at West Hollywood just after blood spill. In the videos, when it seems very lively, shaking the arms and stumbling back.

In a moment, when he sees the police drag a body of a black climb and quickly moves away, shouting in agony.

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A representative of Queando tells us that the rapper is “good”, but then calmed us.

The police tell him … Several armed men led to a service station in Beverly Grove and opened fire, hitting a young man.

His friends loaded him in the black SUV and led around a mile to West Hollywood, where they were arrested by police officers who responded to the shooting scene. This was where the Quando Rondo videos were shot and it seems that he is just a witness.

The police gave RCP to the victim, who breathed, but not aware. An ambulance took the victim to the hospital, where he died.

The suspects fled into a white sedan.

King Von was shot dead in a Hookah hall after a confrontation between his crew and the seal of Queando.


Leaked Video Original Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral Link Real

We know or have information about what caused the death of the person mentioned above, but we will update this publication once we have that information and the deceased family authorizes it to do so.

You can also leave a tribute in the comment box. Thanks for his visit. If you are leaving a message of condolence in the comment box below, when Rondo had died .

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