Leaked DUI dashcam Crash Paul Pelosi Watch Video Full link

Leaked DUI dashcam Crash Paul Pelosi Watch Video Full link

Gerbangindonesia.org – Leaked DUI dashcam Crash Paul Pelosi Watch Video Full link. His DUI test showed that Pelosi has 0.082%blood alcohol content.
California Highway Patrol
Dashcam’s video shows Paul Pelosi, 82, interviewed by California Highway Patrol in the moments following the accident of May 28 near Napa who made another injured driver.

In the video, obtained for the first time by News, Pelosi can be heard mumble to an officer that he had a “glass of champagne before dinner” and also “a glass of white”.

He also told the police that he had started drinking around 7 p.m. And stopped about an hour later.

A DUI test later showed that he had an alcohol content in a blood of 0.082% following the accident.

Video Paul Pelosi Crash

Leaked DUI dashcam Crash Paul Pelosi Watch Video Full link

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The officers responded to the accident after 10 p.m. said he found Pelosi in the driver’s seat of his Porsche Carrera 2021, while the other injured driver was held in front of a SUV.

Pelosi was “unstable on his feet, his speech was scrambled and he had a strong smell of alcoholic drink,” said officers at the time.

Paul Pelosi’s DUI dashcam video released hours after guilty plea

When they were asked for an identification, the police said that Pelosi had offered them his driver’s license and a “11-99 Foundation” card, which supports CHP employees and their families.

The emergence of the video of the dashboard camera intervened after Pelosi pleaded guilty to a Dui chief through his lawyer in front of the Superior Court of the County of Napa on Tuesday morning.

He will have to serve three years of probation as part of the advocacy agreement. The terms of his probation include five days in prison, but Pelosi will be granted for four days, said judge Joseph Solga.

Pelosi accepted help walking before DUI arrest

A police report acquired by Kron4 from the night of the arrest of Paul Pelosi revealed that Pelosi needed help before his guard. Pelosi, husband of the house of the Nancy Pelosi Chamber, was arrested on May 28 for having led under the influence.

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Pelosi, 82, led to Highway 29 near Oakville Cross Road when his Porsche collided with a Jeep. He was sentenced to five days in prison on Tuesday.

Pelosi initially declared to the police that he had only one glass of wine before driving, according to the police report. Officer Jesus Perez Ramirez, who stopped Pelosi, felt alcohol in his breath and observed that he was unstable on his feet.

Pelosi agreed to answer certain questions and take voluntary tests. When he was asked again how much he drank, Pelosi again replied that he had a glass of wine before dinner, police said.

Leaked DUI dashcam Crash Paul Pelosi Watch Video Full link

Ramirez asked what type of wine he drank, and Pelosi changed his answer to say that he had a glass of champagne before dinner and a glass of wine at dinner, according to the police report. He also said he started drinking at 7:00 p.m. And finished at 8:00 p.m. the CHP was sent to the accident at 10:28 p.m., according to the police report.

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Pelosi told the police that he had drinks at a friend on Walnut Drive, who is near the accident site. He also said that he had not felt the effects of what he was drinking, but Ramirez did not agree.

“Throughout my conversation with Pelosi, I observed the following signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning: his two eyes were red / aqueous, his speech was blurred, he had a strong smell of alcoholic drink Coming from his person and he failed to provide logical answers to several questions I have asked, “said Ramirez in the police report.

Ramirez asked Pelosi to walk to his police vehicle before passing sobriety tests on the ground. Ramirez wrote in the police report that he was afraid that Pelosi would fall, so he suggested that Pelosi will grab his shoulder. Pelosi used Ramirez’s shoulder to get support while he was approaching.

Pelosi posted “signs of impairment” while finishing sobriety tests on the ground, according to the police report. The officer Ramirez then decided to place Pelosi in a state of arrest and put him handcuffed.

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