(Latest) Link Full Video Russian School Shooting in Izhevsk Video Viral on Social Networks

(Latest) Link Full Video Russian School Shooting in Izhevsk Video Viral on Social Networks

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Russian School Shooting in Izhevsk Video Viral

(Latest) Link Full Video Russian School Shooting in Izhevsk Video Viral on Social Networks

The attacker, named Artem Kazantsev, born in 1988, was reportedly armed with two pistols.

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A video posted online by state investigators shows the body of the gunman on the ground, dressed in a T-shirt with the Nazi symbol and a balaclava. Investigators are recording his place of residence.

The head of the region has announced a period of mourning that will last until September 29. The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is “deeply in mourning” the dead and has denounced the filming as a “inhuman terrorist attack”, according to his spokesperson.

An armed man opened fire in a school in the center of Russia, killing at least 17 other wounded, say Russian officials. The victims include 11 school children of about 1,000 students in the city of Izhevsk.

The gunman committed suicide on the spot and was also a former school student. Videos posted online appear to show panic inside the building where the shooting took place, with children and adults running through the corridors.

Other images show blood on the floor of a classroom and a bullet hole in a window, with children crouched under the desks. Eleven children and four adults were killed, including two security guards and two teachers, according to the Russian investigative committee. All but two of the 24 injured were children.

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(Latest) Link Full Video Russian School Shooting in Izhevsk Video Viral on Social Networks

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