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Full video Kimberly Loaiza “After 12”, her new song

Watch Full video Kimberly Loaiza “After 12”, her new song

Gerbangindonesia.orgFull video Kimberly Loaiza “After 12”, her new song – the popular youtuber Kimberly Loaiza informed that it is setting up the send off of “After 12”, his new song with which he seeks to break the web.

Kim shared on her social networks what the front of the authority single will be like, which will be in cooperation ovioutstanding musician of the metropolitan type.

Precisely with the singer Ovi he made a joke, where he supposedly kissed him before Juan de Dios Pantoja, her husband and father of her children.

Kim Loaiza prepares launch of “After 12”

“The Greater Cuteness” shared a see of the photograph shoot for “Después de las 12”, his new song as a team with singer Ovi.

The subject “Después de las 12” premieres next Thursday, February 10 and will be available on all music platforms.

With this, the singer surprises, because just seven days ago she debuted the song “Salvaje”, where she intended to contend straightforwardly with Kenya Os.

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Watch Full video Kimberly Loaiza “After 12”

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Kimberly Loaiza songs

His stage as a singer was brought into the world from his affection for music, which is shared with his partner JD Pantoja, who has also wandered into this field.

“Better alone”, “We are no longer”, “Don’t be jealous”, “You lost me” or “13: 13”, are just some of the songs that Kim Loiza has released in recent years.

Kimberly Loaiza He constantly surprises with his musical evolution, so we are sure that “Después de las 12” will be a hit for his followers.

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