Condolences Pouring out to Yagmur Özden Who Died in a Terrible Accident

Condolences pouring out to Yagmur Özden who died in a terrible accident – Condolences pouring out to Yagmur Özden who died in a terrible accident. Condolences for Yagmur Özden, who died in a tragic accident, “offered to help people”, said old friends of the 33-year-old mother who died in a tragic accident in Park Royal, West London, last week. Yagmur Özden Rabih Karim’s friend revealed in an exclusive interview with Mylondon that he would give others what he had.

He claims to give you $ 100 if he has it in his pocket and you see that you need it. From a young woman. Özden, Mr. Karim has known him for 18 years. His mother Jordan and Palestinian father settled in Lebanon, where he first met Ms. Özden. He moved to England to live with his mother and sister and after that they began to talk once a week.

Although living in the UK is cheap, he admitted slot gacor that Madam. Ozden often works to support his friends and relatives in the Middle Eastern country, who suffer from economic problems. He likes to help others, continue Mr. Kareem. He sent me money to buy food to his friends and his mother who lived near him and sent it to them. Here he also helps his family members. “No one can say no to Yagmura,” he added. “Even if you don’t need money, he will send it to you because you might need it in the future.”

Mr. Karim said his friend came to London with a dream of having a successful beauty and spa business. The hope is quite successful to support others like him. “He told me when I got more income, I wanted you to go to London and start your new life here,” he added.

Apart from Zamaród Arif, who was also in the car during the accident but survived, and what he had seen in a video chat, he believed that lady. Özden has several friends in London. Mr. Karim admitted that he had a bad life. He is new to debt trying to start a cosmetics business. He must take a loan to finance business and fail, he said.

Mr. Karim also felt that his old friend was also unlucky in his personal life. He said: “I did not hear the news from him for several years, then he called me and said I had done something stupid, pregnant and married the wrong person. He left us and moved to another country. He tried to work hard to move forward but not lucky.

When his mind returned to the child Ms. Ozden who is 12 years old, Mr. Karim became angry. “Remember his daughter,” he said. “What will happen to him?”

Condolences Pouring out to Yagmur Özden Who Died in a Terrible Accident

Lord was surprised. Karim about the state of his death when the Range Rover he was driving allegedly left the road at high speed and fell underground, knocked on the driver who fainted. According to Mr. Karim, his friend rented a little Fiat Picante in Lebanon and was not interested in driving a fast car.