5 Stretching Movements You Can Do After Waking Up

Gerbangindonesia.org – 5 Stretching Movements You Can Do After Waking Up. “Before starting the activity, you can do stretching movements after waking up. Starting from stretching your hands to kid’s posture to keep your body fit and healthy.”

What do you usually do after waking up? Going to take a shower immediately because you have to go to the office? Or directly open social media to see other people’s activities? Actually when you wake up you are advised not to stand up straight away, but sit down first. Then, you can drink a glass of warm water.

Of course, this recommendation is slot gacor not without reason, yes! Sitting briefly after waking up can give the body time to regain consciousness. So you don’t fall when you walk. Meanwhile, consuming warm water helps the body not be surprised after a long rest.

Stretching Movement After Waking Up

5 Stretching Movements You Can Do After Waking Up

In addition to sitting and drinking warm water, you are also advised to do stretching movements after waking up. It doesn’t have to be long, about 10 to 15 minutes is enough. Examples of stretching movements that you can do are as follows:

1. Hand Stretch

This is the movement that is most often done after waking up. Actually, this movement is good to do to help stretch the muscles. The trick, hook the fingers on both hands, then point them up with the palms facing out. Do it in a sitting or standing position. When doing it, hold the movement for about 10 seconds, okay?

2. Leg Stretch

In addition to the hands, another stretch that can be done after waking up is stretching the legs. You can do it lying down. The trick, set the position of the body on your back, then lift one leg up with the sole of the foot facing out. Hold for about 10 seconds and lower slowly. Do the same movement on the other leg.

3. Child’s Pose

This yoga movement turns out to be one of the best stretches after waking up. Not only does it help relieve lower back pain, you can also feel the benefits of stretching it in the waist, shoulders, chest, and abdominal muscles.

How to do it, start with a kneeling position, then both knees slightly widened. Stretch your arms with your body leaning forward. Slowly lower your body until your forehead touches the bed. Hold it for a few seconds, followed by a deep breath in and out for five repetitions.

4. Single Knee to Chest

Not only helps relax the lower back muscles, this exercise can also help relieve muscle stiffness due to joint inflammation. The trick, start by lying down, then bend the knees of both legs. Then, lift the knee of the right leg towards the chest with the help of both hands.

Hold this position for about 30 seconds while you feel the effect on your back legs and lower back. Repeat the movement on the left leg and do it again two to three times.

5. Upper Back Stretch

Lastly is the shoulder stretching movement. You can do this movement while sitting on the bed. This stretch can help relax stiff shoulder muscles. The trick, start by sitting in an upright position. Then, grasp and bring both hands forward, position them in line with the shoulders.

Focus your gaze down, give a slight movement of the back back until the back stretches and forms like a circle. Inhale and exhale slowly four times.

If the stiffness that appears does not decrease, you can do an examination to the nearest hospital.