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5 Coffee Drinking Habits That Can Lose Belly Fat

5 Coffee Drinking Habits That Can Lose Belly Fat

Gerbangindonesia.org5 Coffee Drinking Habits That Can Lose Belly Fat. Drinking coffee may be a delicious way to start the day, but it can also help you start your goal of losing belly fat. Because, so far caffeine has been known to help increase the body’s metabolism and reduce hunger, both of which play an important role in supporting weight management. While caffeine (along with a healthy diet and exercise) can help us achieve our health goals, certain coffee drinking habits can also have the opposite effect on the body. In fact, if we’re having trouble reaching our goals and don’t know why, we might need to revisit our coffee-drinking routine. Well, to find out more about information about drinking healthy coffee, experts share some coffee drinking habits that can help get rid of belly fat, as reported by the Eat This Not That page, below.

1. Drink Black Coffee

5 Coffee Drinking Habits That Can Lose Belly Fat


If we are someone who likes to enjoy black coffee, then we are very lucky. Because drinking coffee without added cream, sugar or milk is the healthiest way to reap the benefits. “Black coffee is calorie-free and full of antioxidants has caffeine that can support weight loss goals,” says registered dietitian and author, Lauren Manaker. “Once we start adding a lot of sugar, creamer and other caloric ingredients to coffee, we’ll gain more belly fat. So stick to black coffee to support belly fat loss goals.”



2. Add Cinnamon To Coffee

Manager reveals that instead of leaning on a sugar-sweetened coffee creamer that may contain hydrogenated oils, adding a flavor of your own by sprinkling cinnamon in your morning cup of coffee is a healthier option. “Cinnamon doesn’t add any calories to our drinks and can add sweetness and enhance the flavor of our drinks,” he explains. In addition, cinnamon not only provides flavor without the calories or added sugar, but it is also packed with antioxidants that act as anti-inflammatory.

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3. Skip The Cream And Opt For Low-Fat Milk

If we don’t enjoy black coffee, there are still ways to keep our cup of coffee healthy. “Many people add a lot of calories and fat to their coffee by using heavy cream or whipped cream,” says The Sports Nutrition Playbook author Amy Goodson. “While it’s okay to use these ingredients in a few cups of coffee every day, they can add a lot of calories,” he says. He also recommends that we consider replacing cream with low-fat milk. “With 13 essential nutrients, including high-quality protein, low-fat milk can provide texture, soft taste, and more nutrients,” he said.

4. Make Your Own Coffee At Home

5 Coffee Drinking Habits That Can Lose Belly Fat

If we frequently order coffee in cafes or coffee shops, we may never reach our weight loss goals. Because coffee bought outside is usually loaded with calories. So, Goodson advises us to drink our home brewed coffee regularly. “Some of our favorite luxury coffee drinks are loaded with added sugar from flavoring syrups, sauces, creams, and more,” he said. “So, making coffee at home allows us to regulate how many additional calories we put into coffee,” he said.

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5. Add Protein To Coffee

Some coffee drinkers may not be aware of this trick, but adding protein powder to coffee can add flavor, texture and help us get enough protein in our breakfast for weight loss purposes. “Protein has many benefits, including weight loss, building lean muscle, and reducing fat,” says dietitian and author on Go Wellness, Courtney D’ Angelo. “Adding whey protein to coffee is a great way to lose belly fat and is a very good habit to adopt, especially as we start the day,” she adds.

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